Your creativity starts with us

About Us

Who are we?

Atelier ROSEMONDE has deep roots in fashion, tracing our heritage back to the runway. Started as a designer brand that provides charismatic fashions for both men and women, the brand exemplifies fashion as a lifestyle.

With a focus on leather, Atelier ROSEMONDE takes a different approach to fashion, by empowering individuals to create and customize their own designs.

Not only do we provide custom fashion and accessories, we provide Workshops with pre-assembled kits, at which you can design, create and personalize your very own leather works. From simple bracelets to luxurious handbags, Atelier ROSEMONDE provides personalized and step-by-step instruction at our studio. 

Fashion is a statement and lifestyle. Come join us to bring out the creativity in you. Unique. Personal. Made by you.

Our Philosophy

We believe that fashion should be unique and personal. That everything you wear, is a statement about yourself. As such, central to our philosophy is choice. We provide the base, you choose the leather, color and personal detail.

We use only high-quality and premium leather, and we travel the world for the latest and greatest leather available, from Asia to Europe and even in North America. We select only the highest quality materials. We do not use any manufacturers. Each handbag and accessory is hand-made in our own studio, from cutting to stitching, to ensure quality.  

In addition to our scheduled workshops we also offer the following services:
  • Design Development
  • Line Building
  • Private classes
  • Group bookings
  • Special custom orders
  • School project