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Christine Youn
Creative director / Instructor
The Korean-born Canadian designer spent her early years focused on the arts. A graduate of the Fashion Arts program at Seneca, Christine has honed skills in sewing, patterning and computer aided design. These skills were further enhanced through an apprenticeship with Toronto designer Farley Chatto, from who she learned haute couture design. In addition to her apprenticeship, Christine studied the techniques involved in the design, care, patterning and stitching of fur pelts, and is certified by the prestigious Studio NAFA (North American Fur Association).  Under her brand j'porte, Christine has participated in numerous fashion shows, from being a finalist in the 2012 Art of Fashion competition to runway features in Fashion Art Toronto in 2014 and 2015.
Christine's view on fashion evolved as she traveled the world, and she quickly fell in love with leather craft, which she encountered in Asia. A lifelong learner, she spent few years abroad learning the various techniques associated with making handbags, as well as meeting designers, craft masters and tanneries.
With her focus now on leather, Christine spends her time at her Rosemonde studio in Toronto, and continues to travel the world on her spare time to visit tanneries and trade shows around the world.
Her goal is to incubate and grow the love she has for leather in Toronto, with an emphasis on high quality, just-for-you customization and teaching others.

 Rosa Youn

Designer / Instructor